Got Hail Damage? Let Us Help

Hail Damage

A hail-damaged roof can create significant collateral problems to your home if left overlooked, disregarded, or ignored. That is why it is so important to take action and call professional roofing experts when your roof has been damaged by hail.

Often, it takes a trained eye to recognize hail damage. At first glance, a roof may not appear damaged after a hail storm. By inspecting the roofing material closely, however, tell-tale signs of a hail-damaged roof can emerge. Integrity Roofing & Construction specializes in inspecting, repairing and replacing hail damaged roofs. If you suspect your roof may be damaged by hail, contact us today for a free, comprehensive inspection.

Signs your roof may be damaged by hail:

  • Shingle loss. Heavy rains may loosen up shingles, and powerful winds may move them and even peel them away, flying them completely off the roof and onto the ground. This jeopardizes the integrity of the roof, exposing some of the roof’s underlying layers.

  • Shingle marks. Ice-hard, heavy hail can be driven with extreme force into the softer shingle material. Denting shingles and force-ably removing the minerals from the surface, weakening the ability for the shingles to defend against severe or even day-to-day weather events.

  • Other shingle damage. Storms may bend, lift and curl shingles creating openings into the substrate and allowing water to enter below the waterproof material

  • Cracked tiles. The impact of large hailstones can often crack, chip or shatter tiles.

  • Dented metal. The power of falling hail can easily dent metal components of roofing systems, including panels.

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