Roofing Systems



At Integrity Roofing & Construction, we understand how important it is to find the right shingle contractor when you are in need of repairs. Our shingle roofing contractors manage both residential and commercial projects, and pride themselves on providing the highest quality shingle repair and installation services throughout the Keller, Fort worth and surrounding North Texas areas. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and has been the key to our ongoing success.

Rolled Roofing

A rolled roof is a roofing style that results in a low-sloping roof pitch. Commonly seen on commercial and residential properties in North America, rolled roofing has been gaining traction rapidly in recent years due to its inexpensiveness and a backup plan for water catchment and preventing wind damage when used under roofing tiles and slates. Integrity Roofing Company can install such a roof for you.Call us now through (817) 788-8418 to speak to an expert. Please write to us HERE for detailed inquiries.

Patio Roofs

Most people who install a patio roof do so for a couple of very good reasons. A patio roof creates an outdoor living room, perfect for dining, having drinks with friends, or just relaxing with a book. Installing the right patio roof for the job is critical to your enjoyment of the new space it creates.

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